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Swing Wing

Inflatable Swing Trainer

For a stronger, more powerful swing

The patented SwingWing™ provides just the right amount of wind-resistance to develop a stronger, more powerful swing.

Wind-resistance training is a proven technique to help improve a golfer's tempo, lag, sequencing and body turn, resulting in increased distance off the tee.

The SwingWing is perfect for warming-up before you play, 10 swings and you're ready to play a great round. You'll be amazed at the results.

SwingWing is lightweight, easy to inflate and use, and easy to deflate, pack and carry in your bag.

It does not clamp onto the shaft.
It won't scratch your graphite driver.

It can be used on any club, and can be used anywhere you can swing away.

Use it at home, use it at the range, use it on the first tee! Ships free.

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