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Every time one of your foursome hits a poor shot they have to hang a Jungle Golf Creature on their bag. There's six hilarious Jungle Creatures in the game

The Monkey ... for hitting a tree or bush!
The Gorilla ... for a lost ball or hitting out of bounds!
The Crocodile ... for landing in a water hazard!
The Kitty ... for landing in a sand trap!
The Gopher ... for three putting, or more!
The Beaver ... for landing in a lateral hazard!

The objective is not to have any Creatures when the round is over.

Getting rid of them and passing them off your buddies during the round is the fun highlight of the game.

At the end of the round, the player with the most Creatures has to pay off ... and not in bananas!

The game includes: six 4"x4" laminated Creature cards, bag hooks and a protective plastic storage bag .

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