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Excuses For When You
Must Play Golf! #4

* I had to make a sales call at the course anyway.
* I hate Nascar, and that's all that's on TV.
* I have a few hours to kill before the M.A.S.H reruns start.
* I have a meeting at the course, so I might as well go golfing.
* I have a rain check from yesterday.
* I have a scramble next week. I need the practice.
* I have an opportunity to play with the three best players at the club.
* I have been on a plane all day; I just really need some fresh air.

* I practiced putting on my carpet; now I want to see if it pays off.
* I have been taking anger counseling for my golf game.
* I have been taking golf vitamins to hit the ball an extra 10 yards.
* I watched the golf channel for 48 hours straight. I am psyched up.
* I have never birdied a #1 handicap hole.
* I have never eagled a hole before and I feel lucky.
* I have never played a canyon course before.
* I have never played bent grass before.