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Excuses For When You
Must Play Golf! #3

* I golf at the outings, hoping to win the car.
* I golf every day that ends in a 'y'.
* I got a gift certificate for a free round of golf for my birthday.
* I got a new beer coolie. I have to try it out on the course.
* I got a new pair of knickers.
* I got a super deal on a golf package.
* I got kicked out of G.A. (Golfers Anonymous)
* I got lost going to work and ended up at the golf course.

* I got my new handicap card and want to show the guys at the club.
* I got new license plates for my golf cart. I've got to check them out.
* I got the hots for the beer girl.
* I got those new golf balls that fly 'too far'; I have to try them out.
* I had a dream last night telling me to go golfing.
* I had a new soft-spikes put on my golf shoes.
* I had a sunroof put in on my golf cart. I need to try it out.
* I had back surgery yesterday. I need to see if it helped!
* I had to join the course so my wife could make some friends