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Excuses For When You
Must Play Golf! #1

*A free round of golf was included with lessons.
*A free round of golf was thrown in for test driving the car.
*After reading the USGA rules, I have to change my theory on golf.
*All the executives from my company play this course.
*All the pin placements are forward today.
*Church was cancelled because of all the snow, so I'm going golfing.
*Drinking beer and golfing is just fun.
*Excuse? I don't need no stinking excuse!

*There's free beer at the turn.
*Frustration is a rush. I can only get that on a golf course
*Golf brings out my best competitive nature.
*Golf fills the long void of the weekend until work starts
*Golf teaches me patience, and I need a lesson.
*History dictates the more I play, the better I get.
*I almost broke 90 last time out. I need to keep trying.
*I always meet interesting people on the course.
*Golf is the only place I can take my girlfriend where she can't talk constanlty