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Two men, a priest and an aetheist, are playing golf.

At the green on the first hole, the aetheist, lines up for a short two-foot putt, taps the ball, and the ball slips around the edge of the cup and does not go in. "Dammit, I missed!" exclaims the aetheist.

The priest, then tells the aetheist that he shouldn't curse, because God will punish the aetheist for doing so.

On the second hole, the aetheist tries a particularly aggressive chip shot to get the ball onto the green and instead lands in a sand bunker.

"Dammit I missed!" exclaimed the aetheist, to which the priest again issued a warning about God punishing those who curse.

The round continues in much the same way, with the aetheist continuing to exclaim "Dammit I missed!" every time he hits an errant ball (which is quite often), and the priest continues to admonish him about God's wrath.

Finally, they get to the eighteenth hole and the score is tied.

The aetheist needs to make a two-foot putt in order to win. He taps the ball, and again he misses, and again, he curses his miss.

Before the priest can respond, the clouds in the sky open up, and a bolt
of lightning shoots out and hits the preist, killing him.

Then, from the cloud comes a loud voice "Dammit, I missed."