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Top Ten Signs Youíre Obsessed With Golf

  • Even your work gloves have a ball marker on the wrist.
  • You mow your backyard to 11 on the Stimpmeter.
  • You donít know who the Vice President is, but youíve got Davis Loveís sand save percentage memorized.
  • You name your kids Arnold, Jesper and Chi Chi, and thatís just the girls.
  • Tees in all your pockets, even your jammies.

  • Getting married at 10? You can still get in a quick 9 holes at 8.
  • You have all the machinery foldouts from Turfgrass Monthly pinned to your wall.
  • You get a titanium rod inserted permanently so you canít bend your left arm.
  • After two days without golf, you get the shakes and have to phone 1-800-HEADCASE so they can talk you down.
  • When you stand at the urinal, you use the overlapping grip.

© Clark Peterson author of The Goober's Guide To Golf