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Top Ten Signs Your Ball is Illegal

  • The manufacturer hires Johnny Cochran to defend it.
  • When you squeeze it, goo leaks out.
  • The x-ray machine at the airport reveals a dinosaur inside.
  • With a flubber core, it keeps bouncing out of the cup.
  • Robert Downey Jr. keeps trying to light it in a crack pipe.
  • You can buy them on Ebay if you toss in a kidney.
  • When you look closer, you see itís really a PRO Viagra.
  • It looks suspiciously like an egg from the bottom of the pool in "Cocoon."
  • It has only one dimple, and it looks just like Kirk Douglasís chin.
  • When it smashes into a tree, it creates one million cartoon toothpicks.

© Clark Peterson author of The Goober's Guide To Golf