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Excuses For When You Must
Play Golf! #6

* I have to try out this new hat.
* I haven't played the course in ten years since I moved away.
* I heard a new sand trap was added to #4.
* I heard golf is much easier when you're sober, so I have to try it.
* I heard the course is flat - I always play well on flat courses.
* I heard they cut the greens again. I have to try them out.
* I heard they got rid of the port-o-potty at the turn.
* I have to crown the new bathroom.
* I just bought a box of titanium golf balls.
* I just bought a new golf glove off the web.
* I just bought a pair of waterproof shoes with slip-proof soft-spikes
* I just bought a putter guaranteed to cut 10 strokes off my round
* I just bought some slice-proof tees.
* I just bought winter golf gloves. I want to see how they work.
* I just enjoy having a cup of coffee while waiting on the tee box
* I just finished a lesson on the Internet; I want to see if I improved.
* I just finished the book titled 'Learn to Golf in Twenty Minutes'.
* I just got a new distance finder